Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Elusive, Rational Cognition

                                 Found Through Deep Learning Rehearsal Practice


The Universal Problem:

My former article “Think Twice” discussed how visual and auditory memory integration (necessary for deep understanding/comprehension) becomes elusive with too much addictive screen time adherence. We all “obey” with compulsivity our screens. Marketing strategies depend upon our compulsive natures that we will react instantly to their clever lures.

 Subsequently, integrated long-term memory transfer becomes critical for optimum decision making. Case in Point Example:  Recently three international development giants were engulfed with their own power-ego and screen lure that they lost billions with inept decision making. This can happen anywhere, any time for anybody. Common sense may go by the wayside.

Visual and auditory memories should always be in sync to transfer to long-term understanding.  Unfortunately, the more we rapidly fire our way through visual screens, cells, tablets, desk tops, TVs, our listening (auditory) memory becomes latent. Our visual memory becomes “in charge” of us.

Therefore, it is important for you to realize and understand the consequences of your actions, and how long-term-memory integration factors play into them, and in your life. For example, you may find yourself “fired” from your job, as it takes 3-4 times the effort to complete an assignment or project; you are  constantly yelling, nagging your kids because they don’t listen and follow directions like you thought they should have done.

 The Solution: Innovative, progressive learning over 20-24 input hours.

 But, which one? Necessary criteria for deep, solid attention and retention:

1.         Musical, rhythmical comedy is a good option to obtain fixed attention for deep learning,

2.         Consecutive practice is the next requirement.

3.         The lessons must then build on each other in difficulty level with purpose.

4.         Then, the learner must see their own progressive improvement, and keep going.

5.         Finally, the rhythmic visual and sound adherence will re-formulate one’s brain cognition and  integration. Improvement is “not a quick fix”, but you will see improvement gradually, peaking in a year or two.

 This article can help you recognize and resolve your insidious limitations, so you can take action to alleviate stress and confusion.